The A259 running east from Emsworth is ideal for a cycle route:  The communities of Southbourne, Nutbourne, Bosham and Fishbourne are close, it is flat, there are lots of amenities along the way, schools, churches, halls, interesting shops, doctors, dentists and so on.  All should be accessible by bike and the cycle route should feed through under the A27 and over the railway to Chichester.

Sadly, the route is broken in several places, especially Fishbourne.  At some points it disappears, and then it is reasonable, then confusing, then hopelessly maintained.

The Chemroute project aim is to bring the route from Chichester to Emsworth up to a much higher standard.  At the core is the cycle track, but we are concerned about pedestrians and motorists too.

Please support the project, tell the council you support it, and share your ideas via our Facebook page.