Points of Interest

Chichester. One of the most vibrant, enjoyable cities in the UK, Chichester is a little gem. Sadly it is blighted by traffic. All the more reason for Chemroute to reduce the pressure to drive to the city. From the fine cathedral, Chemroute passes close by The Novium museum, County Hall and along pretty Westgate.

Fishbourne’s roman palace is famous and needs to be connected better. Chemroute will offer this.

Historic Bosham is one of the country’s finest beauty spots. Already cyclists visit the village. Let’s help them get there safely.

Nutbourne and Southbourne and surrounds have many points of interest. What would you like to mention? Let us know.

Emsworth is a beautiful harbour. The oyster boats are very famous, and one of them, Terror, operates today, taking passengers out sailing in a traditional gaff rigged vessel. The marinas are very interesting and the waterside has so many spots to explore. The Emsworth museum, above the Fire Station is worth a look.